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Labrador Retriever – Working Dogs

Labrador Retrievers have many roles in the working world. They are one of the most intelligent service dogs. The possibilities are endless. Some of the roles that Labradors play today are listed below:

Guide Dogs for the blind – It costs around £50,000, 20 months of training and several more years of support to train a guilde dog. Public funding is the key to change someones life forever. You can sponsor a puppy here.

Dogs for the disabled – Labs aren’t only helpful to the blind, but can offer massive assistance to adults or children with physical disabilities and children with autism. You can support dogs for the disabled here.

Dog in the armed forces – Labradors have an incredible sense of smell, making them great trackers. They are of huge importance to the armed forces. They can track the injured and even the smallest trace of explosive material.

Drug detection – Labrador Retrievers are a part of the gundog group. They play leading roles in drug detection for the police, and customs

Rescue dogs – Labradors are one of the dog breeds used as a part of search and detection teams. They have the ability to track down casulties after a disaster, and locating missing people. You can visit the national search and rescue association here.