Dalmatian Gifts

The Dalmation

Dalmatians are a slim built yet well defined and muscular breed, reaching around 55 cm tall as an adult. They are incredibly athletic and require an owner who can give then the life style that adapts to this. They have lots stamina and endurance and love going for runs and trips out. Proper exercise is key to the breed. Without adequate stimulation a Dalmatian will easily become bored and this is where obedience issues like destructive behaviour generally stems from. They travel very well and love to be with you on car journeys. 

Dalmatians are mostly recognisable by their spotty coats, however, they are not born this way. Dalmatian puppies are born with a plain white coats.They don’t develop their spots until around 3 weeks to a month old. The spots are mostly black or liver in colour, but some rarer colours sometimes appear in litters.

One of the most common health problems in the breed is deafness, its thought that only around 70% have normal hearing. Before the hearing issues with the breed were discovered it was thought that dalmatians were not very bright. But that simply isn’t the case. They are very intelligent. They thrive at agility training and love to compete. 

Dalmatians are very loyal and loving dogs. They are great with people and children, although younger children should be supervised as a rowdy Dalmatian may accidentally knock them over. In all, a Dalmatian is a great choice for an active outdoorsy family.